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Granite inset sinks

These composite granite sinks create a striking look suitable for a host of kitchen styles. Volcano Black and Graphite Grey feature subtle metallic particles, and with 5 colour  choices, single and 1.5 bowl options and a 20 year guarantee, these reversible Empoli sinks are an investment well made.

Empoli Sink - TS11
TS11 Volcano black 1.0 bowl
Empoli Sink - TS40
TS40 Graphite grey 1.0 bowl
Empoli Sinks - TS39
TS39 Concrete grey 1.0 bowl
Empoli Sink - TS37
TS37 Sahara beige 1.0 bowl
Empoli - TS38
TS38 Opal white 1.0 bowl
Empoli Sink - TS12
TS12 Volcano black 1.5 bowl
Empoli Sink - TS44
TS44 Graphite grey 1.5 bowl
Empoli Sinks - TS43
TS43 Concrete grey 1.5 bowl
Empoli Sink - TS41
TS41 Sahara beige 1.5 bowl
Empoli sink- TS42
TS42 Opal white 1.5 bowl
Empoli & Neva
Empoli-TS12 and Serio
Empoli TS40 & Richmond TT01 2

Tuscan taps that complement this range

Richmond Tap TT01
TT01 Richmond Chrome
Neva Tap TT06
TT06 Neva Chrome
Serio Tap TT03
TT03 Serio Chrome


Granite inset sinks

Make a style statement with these hard-wearing sinks in on-trend grey or bold black, with Metallic ROK® particles that create a subtle lustre on all finishes excluding Concrete Grey. The Livorno drainer features a contemporary and minimalist pattern that can be positioned on the left or right hand side.

Livorno Sinks - TS45
TS45 Volcano black 1.0 bowl
Livorno sink - TS47
TS47 Graphite grey 1.0 bowl
Livorno sink - TS46
TS46 Concrete grey 1.0 bowl
Livorno sink- TS48
TS48 Volcano black 1.5 bowl
Livorno sink - TS50
TS50 Graphite grey 1.5 bowl
Livorno - TS49
TS49 Concrete grey 1.5 bowl
Livorno Sink TS49 & Serio Tap TT03
Livorno TS49 & Serio TT03 Tap

Tuscan taps that complement this range

Virginia tap TT05
TT05 Virginia Chrome
Serio Tap TT03
TT03 Serio Chrome
Indus Tap TT07
TT07 Indus Chrome

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