We’re confident in the quality of our sinks and taps, that’s why we offer the following guarantees with our collection. All guarantees are subject to the implementation of the recommended care and maintenance – full details can be found here. Full terms of the guarantees offered on the Tuscan Sink and Tap collection are available upon request by contacting [email protected]

Stainless Steel Sinks Guarantee

The Tuscan Stainless Steel Sink range comes with a 5 year manufacturing defect guarantee. 

Ceramic Sinks Guarantee

The Tuscan Ceramic Sink range comes with a  5 year manufacturing defect guarantee. 

Granite Sinks Guarantee

The Tuscan Stainless Granite Sink range comes with an astounding 20 year manufacturing defect guarantee. 

Tap Collection Guarantee

The entire Tuscan Tap collection include a 5 year guarantee covering materials, workmanship and working parts and a 1 year guarantee for decorative surface finishes and O rings.

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